Road Related Requests

Cessnock City Council provides this on-line request system for customers to report non-urgent problems.

Urgent problems should be reported by calling Council on (02) 4993 4100 or visiting the Council Administration Office at 62-78 Vincent Street, Cessnock. Business hours are 9.00am to 5.00pm, Monday to Friday. Council's after hours emergency contact number is (02) 4993 4100.

Submit your online request in relation to

  • Maintenance - Bridges and Culverts
  • Maintenance - Concrete Footpaths
  • Maintenance - Kerb and Gutter
  • Maintenance - Roadside Mowing/Slashing
  • Maintenance - Roads (Pothole Repairs)
  • Maintenance - Roads (General Repairs)
  • Maintenance - Roads (Unsealed Grading)
  • Maintenance - Signage
  • Maintenance - Stormwater and Easement Drainage
  • Maintenance - Trees
  • Removal of Dead Animal

Helpful hints:

  • Some fields within the forms are compulsory and the form cannot be submitted without this information.
  • We encourage customers to provide their contact phone number as they can be very useful when processing a request, especially if Council needs to contact the customer for more information.
  • Please provide as much information as possible, information of good quality will help us to help you.
  • Where appropriate, it is also helpful if you upload a photo.

We are happy to talk you through the request entry process, please call during business hours on (02) 4993 4100.