Online Certificates

Cessnock City Council's e-Services portal allows for customers to apply for certificates and pay securely online. Following payment, certificates will be sent within 3 working days. For each certificate ordered you will receive an email with the certificate attached as a PDF.

You can order the following types of certificates online:

  • Section 10.7 (2) Certificate ($53.00)
    A section 10.7 (2) Certificate details the zoning of the property, its relevant state, regional and local planning controls and other property issues as identified within Schedule 4 Planning Certificates of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2000.
  • Section 10.7 (2) & (5) Certificate ($133.00)
    A section 10.7 (5) Certificate is an additional certificate that cannot be purchased without also purchasing a 10.7 (2) Certificate. A 10.7 (5) certificate details additional matters that Council identifies as pertinent to the land the subject of the certificate.
  • Section 603 Rating Certificate ($85.00)
    A section 603 Rates Certificate specifies any outstanding rates, charges or debts payable to Council in relation to a parcel of land.
  • Certificates as to Outstanding Notices and/or Orders ($82.00)
    A certificate as to whether there are any outstanding notices or orders issued by the Council under Schedule 5 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 and Section 735A of the Local Government Act 1993 in respect of any land within the council's area.
  • Section 88G Certificate ($10.00 or $35.00 if an inspection is required)
    A certificate that determines whether there are any outstanding monies payable to Council as a result of a positive covenant that effects the title of the property.

Urgent certificates can be processed within 24 hours online, urgency fees are outlined in Council's Fees and Charges.

Note: Certificates ordered on the incorrect property, or sent to an incorrect email address will need to be reordered at full cost to the applicant.